A Jablonca Family named Nagy

                        In this transcription , this Nagy family has many generations living at Jablonca House # 9 : Step-mother, in-laws,  infants and hired  workers  . The family dynamics must have been interesting as they only had one sleeping room ! The workers slept in the cellar or the barn.They seem to have a larger property with more outside buildings for a working farm. Notice the four beehives ! The Nagy family are early Hungarian Reformed settlers in Jablonca. I found them in the 1715 census.  The earliest church record  I found was for a MATTHIAS NAGY who was born in 1692 and he died in Jablonca on 16 Dec 1762 . They were not landed gentry but seem to have property even before the  1848  peasant emancipation law.  It's inconclusive at this point but research is pointing that they were working serfs for many years and eventually owning land through an arrangement by service with the landlaord . They seem to have horses and workers and a barn by 1848 and managed to have a good working farm in 1869. Before this census was taken, in 1863,  the landowner, Istvan Nagy died suddenly, leaving his son - the Istvan Nagy listed in this census -  as heir landowner but he dies suddenly as well in the 1870's which leaves the father's  second wife , Judith Solsesz Nagy , as Head of Household, then she dies in 1875 . The farm is left to the widowed  Susanna Sebo Nagy, with small children, a farm to manage .  She did have five sons :  Three named Istvan that died as infants or children; Lajos who had a tragic death in his twenties after marriage (and two infant children died from that branch), twin girls and then , finally , Joseph Nagy . Further research showed the only living  Nagy male heir, Joseph Nagy,  had immigrated to America in 1890's and the farm seem to revert to collateral relatives  on his paternal Aunt's side.

County District Town House No. Family No. Individual No. Surname Name M F BirthYear Rel. Status Occupation work Birthplace Native/Foreigner absence Literacy Notes
Abauj Torna Jabloncza 9 1 1 Nagy Istvan M   1842 Ref Married Farmer Year-round Jablonca N   Yes  
Abauj Torna Jabloncza 9   2 Sebo Susanna   F 1838 Ref Married housewife Year-round Jablonca N   Yes  
Abauj Torna Jabloncza 9   3 Nagy Istvan M   1865 Ref       Jablonca N   n  
Abauj Torna Jabloncza 9   4 Nagy Lajos M   1869 Ref       Jablonca N   n  
Abauj Torna Jabloncza 9   5 Rakai Susanna   F 1821 Ref Widowed housewife Year-round Borzova N   Reads  
Abauj Torna Jabloncza 9   6 Keiser Janos M   1851 Ref Single Farm Hand Day worker Jablonca N      
Abauj Torna Jabloncza 9   7 Solsesz Judith   F 1798 Ref Widowed Midwife?   Mehesz N   Reads  

The Buildings :

cellar ground floor loft upper stories attic sleeping room pantry living room kitchen Living or Place of Business Shop Pantry Cellar Tool Shed Storehouse Stall Sheepfold Barn
          1 1 1         1     2   1

And the livestock !

Pigs Beehives
1 4
Horses :Stallions Mares Foals ( 3 yrs. & under) Gelding Total Light:
  2   2 4
Total Magyar Cattle : Bulls Cows Oxens Calves (3 yrs. & under )
2       1