The many faiths in Jablonca

One of the great clues in learning about a family is the listing of their religions in the 1869 Hungarian census. Jablonca natives were mostly of the Hungarian Reformed Religion. REF is the abbreviation, in the census form, for the Reformed church in Hungary, notably a form of Calvinism that was brought from Switzerland and embraced by many Magyars. RK is Catholic; Mozes or Izraelita translates into those of the Jewish religion and the nearest synagogue was 22 miles away in Torna. GK is the acronym for Greek Catholics or  Greek Orthodox . The nearest place for them to worship was in Barakony. Then there are a scant few Lutherans labeled Evangelical in the 1869 Hungarian census . In Jablonca , they did not seem to have their own church or go to one nearby .They were baptized in the Catholic church more than in the other church in town, the Calvinist church.  Below is one of a family of Lutherans (Augsberg) that lived in the village, in House # 63 .

County District Town House No. Family No. Individual No. Surname Name M F Birthyear Rel. Status Occupation work Birthplace Native
Abauj Torna Jabloncza 63 1 1 Toth Istvan M   1820 Evangelical Married Tenant Farmer   Jablonca N
Abauj Torna Jabloncza     2 Josa Klara   F 1820 Evangelical Married Housewife   Kortvelyas N
Abauj Torna Jabloncza     3 Toth Istvan M   1854 Evangelical single Tenant Farmer   Jablonca  
Abauj Torna Jabloncza     4 Toth Zsusanna   F 1858 Evangelical single     Jablonca  
Abauj Torna Jabloncza     5 Toth Janos M   1860 Evangelical single     Jablonca  
Abauj Torna Jabloncza   1 1 Lorincz Andrasne   F 1810 Evangelical Widowed “Varras”   Jablonca  
          2 Lorincz Julianna   F 1859 Evangelical       Jablonca