The biggest house in the village

                          In researching Jablonca in the Catholic records, the Herczogs seem to be prominent in the records, particulary as godparents for some of the villagers in the catholic records. Sometimes in the census, the first house visited as in this case - Jablonca # 1 -   is where the head manorial overseer for the main village estate owner lived ( in serfdom times, the feudal lord) as in this case with the Herczogs. This particular Herczog is a widow (Mrs. Karol Herczog aka Karolne Herczog) living with her servant, Janos Csobadi . The Herczogs were a noble family but one still in position with an Estate. Mrs. Herczog was formerly Catharina Kubick .According to the 1869 census,she could read and write. 

Jablonca # 1 would not be a big house in terms of size; not a McMansion of today. Her home only had two sleeping rooms, a cellar, a living room , a " felszer " which is a tool shed attached to the house and a stall for her two cows. However, she seem to have the most beehives in the village !

County District Town House No. Fam.No. Individual No. Surname Name M F Birthyear Rel. Status Occupation work Birthplace Native absence Literacy Notes
Abauj Torna Jabloncza 1 1 1 Herczog Karolyne   F 1810 RK Widowed Housekeeper         reads/write  
Abauj Torna Jabloncza     2 Csobadi Janos M   1796 Ref Widowed Servant   Jablonca N   reads  
cellar ground floor loft upper stories attic sleeping room pantry living room kitchen Living or Place of Business Shop Pantry Cellar Tool Shed Storehouse Stall Sheepfold Barn
          2   1         1 1   1    
Horses :Stallions Mares Foals ( 3 yrs. & under) Gelding Total Light: Total Dark: Mules Donkeys Total Magyar Cattle : Bulls Cows Oxens Calves (3 yrs. & under ) Total Swiss Cattle: Bulls Cows Oxens Calves ( 3 yrs. & under ) Total Buffalo: Total Sheep : Select Common Goats Pigs Beehives
                    2                           8