About Me


                My name is Magda and even though my Mother's family immigrated from Hungary in 1895,  I was named in honor of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution by my parents who thought it was a romantic honor to her heritage. I have been doing genealogical research since I was 17 years old. Beginning with my own families and friends, I have done records research for many years. I took a non-credit course with genealogist & lineage historian, Dorothy H. Dehn. She inspired me to work as a local records searcher. At the time, BYU offered a home study course where I learned how to do American records research.

           For the past 25 years, I have been reading Hungarian records on microfilm and decided to focused on records in the Abauj-Torna region of Hungary and parts of Slovakia. I can also transcribe Hungarian census and church records as well as some American records for a reasonable rate. I organized a one-name study for a surname in my family that goes back to the 1600's in Slovakia. I am also in the registration process for a One Place study of an extinct, historic Hungarian village.

               As for this website, I like to share some details of Hungarian research in hope of giving the readers tips in doing their own Hungarian family genealogy.

This website is dedicated to my dear Mom. 

      If it is true that we really die twice, once at our physical death and again when those that once remembered us forget, then let us never forget.