About the 1869 census

                                  The 1869 Hungarian census was a population census conducted by the Kingdom of Hungary and stored in the Hungarian National Archives. It was also the first census done after feudalism ended and the peasants were emancipated. For research purposes, it provides a great framework to finding other records in doing family history in Hungary. This website was basically inspired by the transcriptions  I did of many villages in the 1869 Hungarian census. It would only hold interest to people who are related to the surnames from these villages and probably great amusement to the people who actually live there. I have never traveled to Hungary; only researched the records for my families first, and now, do research for others. I can also help you locate the census you need to search for your family if you want to try reading the census yourself. I also have an index of many villages in the Abauj~Torna regions.

                           Here is the link for some of the 1869 Hungarian Censuses  free online if you want to read them yourself. This website is labeled Slovakia Census, 1869  because many parts of Hungary are now located in Slovakia. The census forms are written in the Hungarian language (or sometimes German).