Hungarian research and passports

How I use Family Search "Source Box" for my One-Name Study


This may seem over-simplistic but I use the Family Search Source Box folders as one tool to organize my one-name-study.

Helpful "Place Locator" tip for your Hungarian ancestor's village

      Picture this research dilemma scenario for your Hungarian research; You finally found the naturalization records for your great- grandfather and it contains the name of his birthplace. Or you think you found him in the Ellis Island database with a village mentioned in their records. Perhaps you found his American marriage record at the Reformed church and it lists his place of origins. However, when you look at the map or Wikipedia it, it does not come up.

Using FamilySearch EXPORT function in Slovakian and Hungarian records

Hungary Exchange & Nick Gombash

                  One day, while on the Hungary-L  genealogy mailing list, a serious, young man popped in named Nick Gombash.  It was this link to his website HUNGARY EXCHANGE that opened my eyes to realize that we have a great organizer amongst us   - I was so grateful that someone actually took the time to gather all the digital books about genealogy in Hungary in one spot and share them with us. Generosity in it's finest moment.

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